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for Pro Athletes.


Display Your Passions.

HOW TO MOVE FORWARDComplete the SIGN-UP form, CLICK SUBMIT, then Armbar Brands will consult with you to create a customized apparel line unique to you; show off your passions to your friends/followers/fans, choose a combination of tee's/tanks, caps, hoodies, shoes, and swimwear. Sign-up, and we will contact you to schedule a vid-call to start the ball rolling.

Too Good To Pass-Up.

WHATS IN IT FOR YOU? Everything you need to proudly display, promote, sell, expand your personal and pro brand exposure, and make money from each sale. Here’s what you’ll receive:

• Custom Apparel

   (10 item designs)

• Revenue Sharing

• Landing Page

• Online Storefront

• Social Media Posts

• Promotional Video

Who is Armbar Brands? Armbar Brands is a creator of custom-designed apparel brands for pro MMA fighters, and pro athletes designed exclusively by RingoTownUSA, Streetwear with Attitude. Check out, Ringo Town, and enjoy your stay.

A Win-Win Collaboration. Armbar Brands offers a unique and mutually beneficial collaborative approach that requires no financial commitment and a small investment of time. A win-win collab that includes a custom-designed apparel brand and much more, extending your personal and professional brand reach.

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How It Works
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A Vibe of Yourself.

We believe that sharing is caring. Extend your influance via customized apparel line designed especially for you and your friends/fans/followers. Share your unique personality and what you stand for. We want to share our most recent apparel collections, OCHO TRIBE 8  designed for UFC Champ, Steven "OCHO" Peterson and I Am Troyer collection created designed for MMA fighter Brent Troyer.

Work It
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Work It. Feel It.

PERSONAL Brands Designed for MMA Fighters and PRO Athletes. We often confuse our reputation with our personal brand. But that's not true. Everyone has a reputation. The first impressions you make in your pro career and the relationships you form with your manager, trainers, media, and fans differ from one to the next. The collective all impact how others see and think of you. Who you are and project to others, personally and professionally, is your brand. Personal brands are much more intentional. It is how you want people to see you.


Armbar combines personal and professional worlds, displaying your interests, likes, and dislikes. We customize a personal and professional apparel brand for you. It may be a phrase, a statement you like, or an idea combined with graphics, but wearing what you believe inside and outside the ring makes you more relatable. The result is increasing social media followers and likes, capturing more attention and dollars.

Female Fitness Trainer
Kettlebell Workout
Mobility Challenge
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It Takes Two To Tango!



We will create a custom-branded apparel line for you, up to ten (10) items. All are available for sale for your friends, fans, and followers. Note: ONLY A FEW RULES: When choosing your combination of items (types of apparel), there’s a limit of one (1) pair of shoes and one (1) hoodie per partner. Choose your ten (10) apparel items from a combination of:

  • Tee-shirts

  • Caps

  • Sneakers

  • Hoodies

  • Swimwear



Armbar partners with the nation's leading print-on-demand companies, they do all the hard work and all costs are paid by you and your end customer, so you pay nothing. All costs are built into each sale. As an Armbar collaborator your costs are covered for the following:

  • Printing (apparel products)

  • Product Inventory

  • Order Management

  • eCommerce – Shopping Cart

  • Transaction Processing

  • Shipping/Delivery



  1. Design/Creative Consultation: A creative brainstorming session led by Ringo Town's Chief Designer.

  2. Custom Apparel Line: Graphic design is applied to a combination of up to Ten (10) apparel products: Men/Women and Unisex tee shirts, caps, sneakers, hoodies, and swimwear. ONLY A FEW RULES: When choosing your combination of items (types of apparel), there’s a limit of one (1) pair of shoes and one (1) hoodie per partner. Includes apparel printing as orders are placed. 

  3. Apparel Brand Name and Logo: An apparel brand name and logo design

  4. Landing Page: A promotional single-page (scroll-down) website designed in your branded image, highlighting stats, a personal statement (what you stand), charities/partner/sponsor logos (if any), your branded apparel products, including a shopping cart enabling online sales and mobile (responsive) site.

  5. Online Storefront: Apparel products, order management, eCommerce – shopping cart, order processing, transaction payment processing, and shipping/delivery.

  6. Sponsors, Partners, and Charities: Sponsors/partners/charities logos (if any) added to your landing page. Note: Aside from collaborative agreement, brands added to your landing page can be sold.

  7. Revenue Sharing: We will share 20% of the revenue (profit) of all your branded products sold.

  8. Social Media – Posts and Reposts: Add likes and followers: When you post images (pics/photos) and videos (reels/vids) wearing custom-branded apparel, we will repost them on its Ringo Town Instagram and Facebook pages, followed by 70,000+ people, resulting in additional exposure and traffic for our pages.

  9. Promotional Video: Send us your photos and video clips, and Ringo Town USA will create a promotional 15-30 second video for you. The video will include a combination of video clips photos, graphics and music promoting you and your branded apparel designs. The video will be sent to you for additional promotion social posts, and we will also post the video on Ringo Town Instagram and Facebook pages.

  10. Connecting Links: We will add links connecting to your social media pages to your landing page.




  1. Signing-Up: Click the below Agreement–Sign Up button, complete the form, and click submit.

  2. Social Media Assets: Shoot photos (pics) and reels (vids) wearing your custom apparel brand in different settings, training gyms, social events, competitions, home life, urban (city) environments, and just having fun. Please share the assets with us.

  3. Capture Reviews: When you add posts wearing your branded apparel, we encourage you to ask fans to send comments. A form will be available on your landing page to capture reviews as they are sent. We will add the customer reviews to your landing page.

  4. Collaborative Posts: Wearing your branded apparel. A minimum of one photo (Pic) and one reel (vid) posted for Ten (10) to Fifteen (15) consecutive weeks on your social media channels pages, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Twitter, including typical hashtags and adding the following credit line: Checkout for more designs and to see our favorite UFC fighters. Include hashtags #(Your name), #ufc, #ufcfighterapparel, #armbarbrands, #ringotown, #streetwear, #customebrand, #fighterapparel, #myapparel, #armbarbrands #ringotown, #ringotownusa #streetwear. Also, include a brief caption/message and the location of posts.

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More Attention

Your custom apparel collection offers an exciting way to engage your fans/followers.

More Power

Armbar adds more power to your social and online presence and adds more likes and followers.

More Incentive

When you add merchandise to your brand, you will increase your fan loyalty.

A Win-Win

Our approach is easy, no out-of-pocket and minimal time. Yes, it's a win-win.

Lets Weigh-In

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The Process

  • If you like us and we like you let’s meet. Send us an email and let’s schedule a call to chat.

  • If we agree to agree, let’s partner-up. Review and sign agreement.

  • ​Schedule a video call brainstorm/creative session with Armbar Brands and RingoTownUSA's Chief Designer.

  • Information Exchange: You provide the photos, graphics, and information you want to include on your landing page, like pro stats, pics and vid clips, a personal statement (what you believe in), and partner/sponsor/charities logos (if any).

  • Creative Development: The design of your personalized apparel line, landing page, online storefront designs and video.

  • Work Review: Creative presentation/review

  • Modifications: Address meeting notes and any requested modifications

  • Review: Final review of apparel designs and communications

  • Approvals

  • Launch apparel line and communications

  • Announcements: Joint announcements of apparel line launch.

  • Timeline: The brand and site development process from start to completion generally takes 3-4 weeks.

Sign Up
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Lets Do This

Click and review our collaborative agreement. If you have no questions please sign, click submit and we will contact you. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us using the below form.

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Hit Us Up Anytime

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Need additional information, complete this form and we will reply ASAP.

Thanks for submitting!

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